“Sol Cresta” release date decision meeting

A live broadcast of the “Sol Cresta” release date decision meeting will be broadcast from 12:00 on Saturday, January 8th. In addition to announcing new information, a gift corner will also be planned

PlatinumGames will hold a meeting to decide the release date of the new shooting game ” SOL CRESTA ” from 12:00 on Saturday, January 8, 2022. It was announced that the pattern will be broadcast live from the same time.

The live broadcast will feature Chief Game Designer / General Director Hideki Kamiya, Producer Takato Washisaka, Director Takanobu Sato, and Lead UI Designer Rui Onishi. Announcement of new information about this work and a viewer present corner are also planned.

The release is quoted below

PlatinumGames will broadcast a live conference to decide the release date of “Sol Cresta”! Starts from 12:00 noon on Saturday, January 8th.

PlatinumGames has decided to hold a meeting to decide the release date of ” Sol Cresta ” from 12:00 noon on Saturday, January 8th, and to announce the pattern live. In addition to announcing new information about “Sol Cresta,” we are planning a viewer gift corner, so if you are looking forward to the release, please take a look.

Program information

  • Title: “Sol Cresta” Release Date Decision Meeting Live Broadcast
  • Broadcast date and time (Japan time): Saturday, January 8th, 12: 00 ~


  • Hideki Kamiya (Chief Game Designer / General Director of “Sol Cresta”)
  • Takato Washisaka (Producer of “Sol Cresta”)
  • Takanobu Sato (Director of “Sol Cresta”)
  • Rui Onishi (Lead UI Designer for “Sol Cresta”)

Product information

  • Title: SOL CRESTA
  • Supported platforms: Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Steam
  • Genre: Free union shooting
  • Price: 4,378 yen (tax included)

* Download only

  • Publisher: PlatinumGames

Additional content information

  • Title: Sol Cresta Dramatic DLC
  • Supported platforms: Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Steam
  • Price: undecided

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